Mo Momin

Joined Stagecoach in: 2005

Role: Garage Supervisor

Location: Plumstead

Muhammad Momin

What attracted you to a career as a bus driver?
I’d just passed my driving test and my friend had just got a job as a bus driver. I applied too, got through the test and interview then was offered the job. I’ve always worked with the public so this job combined my recently found love of driving and the customer service which I’d enjoyed throughout previous jobs.

Why did you choose Stagecoach London?
Stagecoach was a lot more appealing than other bus companies. They were almost like the ‘rulers’ of East London bus services, everywhere you looked they were there. People respect the fact you work for Stagecoach and are almost impressed that you have a job with them.

What is the best thing about your job?
Passenger interaction – when someone says a simple thing like ‘Thank you’ or ‘That was a good drive’, it makes you feel appreciated. It’s nice to know that someone has noticed you and that you’re not just the driver.

Also, making good, lifelong friends with colleagues; being in the garage is like being part of a family.

What has surprised you most about working here for Stagecoach London?
There are always different jobs coming up so it’s good to know that you can progress. There are opportunities to go into different roles, which are good for self progression. Since working at Stagecoach, I went from being a Bus Driver to a Green Road Champion. I’ve been doing this role for almost 3 years, but have recently been promoted to Garage Supervisor at Plumstead.

I was surprised at how supportive the managers are in the company. You have expectations of how your manager should be, but the ones I’ve worked for have far exceeded this.

During my career I’ve been surprised at how quickly technology in the industry has progressed with things like Green Road. For people who enjoy technology, it’s impressive and good to see.

What are your top three tips that you’d give to anyone thinking of applying to be a bus driver at Stagecoach London?

  • You must have a passion for driving.
  • Be flexible with your time.
  • You need to be a happy-go-lucky person who likes to see different faces.

Did you think of doing a different job before you joined us?

Before joining Stagecoach I worked in retail for 2 years and previous to that, worked in a restaurant for 3 years. I knew that any job I went for had to involve interaction with people, as this is what I loved.

When I left my job in retail they offered me a Store Manager position to keep me on, but I knew that I wanted to pursue the job as a bus driver, due to my new-found enjoyment of driving.

During my career at Stagecoach, I have considered joining the trains division, but after giving it some thought I know that it wouldn’t be the job for me as I’m a people person and would definitely miss the interaction we have all the time.