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Yvette Singh – Catford

I love the feeling of getting into my cab, knowing that I am in control of getting our customers from A-B and serving members of the public.

Hayley Lewton – West Ham

I’m extremely proud to be one of a growing minority in the sector. It feels good to set an example to other women that they can be bus drivers...

Raja Mahmood – West Ham

I didn’t expect to have the career opportunities that I’ve had since joining the company, such as becoming a Driver Mentor, Night Bus Driver, as well as several supervisory...

Diane Hannan – West Ham

I love to be amongst the front line people in a garage; the environment and atmosphere is something special. To work with such a great team and make a...

Mo Momin – Plumstead

The customer interaction is the best thing about the job – when someone says a simple thing like ‘Thank you’, it makes you feel appreciated. It’s nice to know...